Thank You Chester River Seafood

We would like to take a moment to show our deepest appreciation for Chester River Seafood

Chester River Seafood has the finest premium selection of Maryland Blue Crabs for sale (local only) – steamed or live. Live crabs can be shipped FedEx Priority Overnight to anywhere in the USA. Crabs are available by the dozen, 1/2 bushel, and bushel.

True Blue, a promotion initiative from the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA), endorses Chester River Seafood for serving ONLY local crabs. The True Blue program recognizes restaurants and retail stores that support local watermen and our local economy by using high-quality Maryland crabs and crabmeat. Chester River Seafood is certified as a True Blue partner by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Seafood Marketing Program.

For more information, or to place an order, please call (410) 639-7018 or visit their website… Thanks again Chester River Seafood, we are grateful for your PLATINUM contribution!